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Top 10 Best Selling Video Games – Weekly 14/07/2014

Source: UKIE

This week may be called a swap week, as a few swaps in the positions of the best selling wholesale video games have happened. Watch Dogs and Sniper Elite 3 have swapped between them the first and the second positions in the chart, with Watch Dogs climbing to the top.

Fifa 14 remained unchanged on the third position as last week.

Titanfall and Wolfenstein: The New Order have swapped between them the fourth and the fifth positions, with Titanfal climbing to the fourth position. Call of Duty Ghosts remained unchanged on the sixth position as last week.

EA Sports UFC and 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil have slipped off the chart this week, and Minecraft on both platforms, Xbox 360 and PS3 took their positions.

We have new comers this week, a new release, Tomodachi Life on 3DS and last years Battlefield 4, got into the Top 10 of the best selling wholesale video games again.

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