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Wholesale Video Games Price Comparison Description

We are starting to roll out a new feature for our Annual Membership registered users – Wholesale Video Game Marketplace.

Wholesalers and distributors, who are registered on our site, can sign up to participate in this new exciting opportunity, to show their stock item prices on our website. It is a free service for suppliers listed in our directory. In order to sign up to the marketplace, wholesalers and distributors can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

How It Works

Here is how it works. Once they are signed up, wholesalers and distributors start emailing us their daily updated stock list every morning, just like they email it to their customers. In fact, they can just add our e-mail address in their contacts list, and we will receive their e-mails, just like their customers. Stock lists should be sent to our special e-mail address on daily basis. The stock list should be attached as an Excel, CSV, or XML file.

Once your e-mail with stock list arrives, our software will load your stock list in our database and will processes it. Then whenever a buyer visits a product page on our website, they will see your price for that item. They will see also prices offered by other suppliers who have that item in stock. The buyer is then able to choose a best deal, clicks Send Order and an email gets sent to the supplier.

Benefits of Using It


Benefits for Buyers

This is a powerful tool for professional buyers of video games. It allows to track stock from different suppliers. Instead of going through many daily stock list emails from different suppliers, a buyer can just visit our website, search and find an item page, and it will automatically display all the suppliers who have this item in their stock at that day, and the prices.

This tool is useful not only for finding new suppliers, but also for day-to-day work with existing suppliers. It greatly automates the process of buying. It serves as an order management system for buyers. It is much easier to find and order stock using our system than doing it manually through emails from various suppliers.

Benefits for Suppliers

For suppliers, this creates additional, quite powerful channel for selling their stock. Thousands of buyers are registered as Annual Members on our website, and they will be able to see what you offer and order it. If a potential buyer on our site is not your customer yet, they will apply to open an account with you. Once they have an account with you, they will be able to order your stock, not only once, but on regular basis, using our website. Because of the convenience and the ease of use, buyers will be able to buy even more than they would normally order using manual search of stock in emails of various suppliers.

We do not charge any commission for this service, it’s free for our registered paying members. For this reason the suppliers’ prices do not have to change for using our system, they remain unaffected, the same, as if buyers ordered the stock directly from a supplier via email. The buyers who have access to this tool are paid Annual members, and product price data is complimentary for them.


We realize that for many suppliers information about their stock list and their prices is sensitive. Suppliers usually do not want general public to see their stock list, and they would like to be in control of who gets access to their prices. That has been taken care of in our system, and here is how.

Participation Options

There are three options for suppliers to participate in this program. Every supplier who would like to participate in this program, can choose their own level of participation. Once they choose their level of participation they can change it any time.
1. Full Participation
This is the most effective participation level. When a buyer visits a product page on our website, they can see a Price Table for that item, showing different suppliers who currently have this item in stock and the prices. Buyers are able to sort the Price Table by price, by country, or by suppliers. They can click on a button and contact a supplier. Both the names and the prices of such suppliers are visible to buyers in this mode. It must be noted that although suppliers information is visible, but only to registered Annual members. This section of the page is closed for general public and is not visible to them.
2. Show Name Only
With this option, if a buyer visits a product page and supplier has the item in stock, the supplier’s name will be indicated on the product page, but no price or stock quantity will be showed. Suppliers who chose this option will have their names indicated below the price comparison table, in a separate list “These suppliers Can also Offer this Item”. It is less effective to be in this option compared with full participation, though still can get some leads.
3. Show Price Only
With this option, if a buyer visits a product page and supplier has the item in stock, the supplier’s price will be indicated in the price comparison table, however the name of the supplier will be hidden. If the buyer clicks “Contact Supplier” button, an email will be sent to the supplier, with the buyers details, so that the supplier can contact them if they want. With this option, the supplier keeps complete privacy.

You can see a Live Demo of wholesale video game prices here.

Live Demo


How to Sign Up

This project is still in Beta mode. We are already starting to sign up suppliers, wholesales and distributors, who would like to participate in this program. Wholesalers and distributors can sign up by filling in the below form with expression of interest.

Wholesalers and Distributors Sign Up Form

If you are a distributor, and would like to display your stock on our products pages, please fill in the below form and send to us.