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Tomodachi Life 3DS

Tomodachi Life Publisher: Nintendo

Game Series:

Release Date: 06/06/2014

Edition: Standard

Age Restriction More information: 3+

Languages: ENG, FRE, GER, ITA, ESP.

Barcode: 0045496525552

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Selling Potential More information: 4/10

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Tomodachi Life allows players to populate an island Mii with their own friends and celebrities, and organize a type of their own celebrity big brother show. The own dedicated island news network Mii News will keeps the players up-to-date with the latest news and island gossip. Players can share the game news on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service. Tomodachi means a friend in Japanese, the game indeed is very popular in Japan, selling over 5.5 million copies.

During the game, players can move houses, go shopping to supermarket and boutique store, the stock at the stores changes every day so there is always something to look for. Players can marry, make new friends, become subject of gossip, etc.

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