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2015 Calendar of Video Games

2015 calendar of video games, a list of releases, updated periodically to include up to date information. If you are a publisher or developer of a game and would like to send us information, please contact us through the form.

TitleFormatPublisherDeveloperRelease Date
Affordable Space AdventuresWii-UNintendoKnapNok Games09/04/2015 (US)
American Truck SimulatorPCExcalibur PublishingSCS Software13/02/2015
Amplitude HD RebootPS4, PS3Sony Computer EntertainmentHarmonix2015
ArmikrogPC, Mac,  Wii-UPencil Test StudiosPencil Test Studios2015
Aryavrat ( Ruse of Heroes )PC
Assassin’s Creed RoguePCUbisoftUbisoft Sofia10/03/2015
Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of DuskVitaGust, Koei TecmoGust15/01/2015
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk SeaPS3Gust, Koei TecmoGust10/03/2015
Axiom VergePS4, Vita, PCSony Computer EntertainmentTom Happ31/03/2015
Batman: Arkham KnightPS4, Xbox One, PCWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentRocksteady Studios02/06/2015
BattlebornPC, PS4, Xbox One2KGearbox Software2015
BattleCryPCBethesdaBattlecry Studios2015
Battlefield HardlinePC, PS3, PS4, X360, Xbox OneElectronic ArtsVisceral Games, EA Digital Illusions CE20/03/2015
BlackholePCFiolaSoft StudioFiolaSoft Studio27/02/2015
Bladestorm: NightmarePS3, PS4, Xbox OneKoeiOmega Force29/01/2015 (JP)
17/03/2015 (US)
20/03/2015 (EU)
Blast ‘Em Bunnies3DS2015
BloodbornePS4Sony Computer EntertainmentFrom Software24/03/2015 (USA)
25/03/2015 (EU)
26/03/2015 (JP)
27/03/2015 (UK)
BroforcePC, PS4, VitaDevolver DigitalFree Lives Games07/04/2015 (early access)
Chaos RebornPCSnapshot GamesSnapshot Games09/12/2014 (Steam early access)
May 2015
Cities: SkylinesPCParadox InteractiveColossal Order10/03/2015 (US/EU)
20/03/2015 (UK)
Citizens of EarthPC, PS4, Vita, Wii-U, 3DSAtlusEden Industries20/01/2015
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.3DSNintendoIntelligent Systems13/03/2015 (US)
May 2015 (EU)
CrackdownXbox OneMicrosoft StudiosRealtime Worlds2015
Criminal Girls: Invite OnlyVitaNIS AmericaNippon Ichi Software03/02/2015 (US)
06/02/2015 (EU)
Cross of the DutchmanPC, PS3, X360Triangle StudiosTriangle Studios2015
Cube Creator 3D3DSBig John GamesBig John GamesQ2 2015
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinPS4, Xbox One, PCBandai NamcoFrom Software07/04/2015
Darkest DungeonPCRed Hook StudiosRed Hook Studios03/03/2015
Dead Island 2PC, PS4, Xbox OneDeep SilverYager DevelopmentQ2 2015
Dead or Alive 5: Last RoundPS4, Xbox One, PS3, X360Tecmo KoeiTeam Ninja20/02/2015
Dragon Ball XenoversePS3, PS4, X360, Xbox One, PCBandai Namco GamesDimps05/02/2015
DreadnoughtPCGrey BoxYager Development2015
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton EditionPSN, VitaDevolver Digital13/01/2015 (US)
14/01/2015 (EU)
Dying LightPC, PS4, Xbox OneWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentTechland27/01/2015 (US)
30/01/2015 (EU)
Dynasty Warriors 8 EmpiresPC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3Tecmo KoeiOmega Force20/11/2014 (JP)
27/02/2015 (US)
30/01/2015 (EU)
EA Sports PGA TourPS4, Xbox OneElectronic ArtsEA TiburonApril 2015
Earthlock: Festival of MagicPC, Mac,  Wii-U,PS4, Xbox OneSnowcastle Games2015
Elysian ShadowsPCWaterMelon Co.GyroVorbis2015
Everybody's Gone to the RapturePS4Sony Computer EntertainmentThe Chinese Room2015
EvolvePC, PS4, Xbox OneTake 2 InteractiveTurtle Rock Studios10/02/2015
Fable LegendsXbox OneMicrosoft StudiosLionhead Studios2015
FactorioPCWube Software2015
Final Fantasy Type-0 HDPS4, Xbox OneSquare EnixSquare Enix 1st Production Department17/03/2015 (US)
19/03/2015 (JP)
20/03/2015 (EU)
FortnitePCEpic GamesEpic Games2015
Fossil Fighters: Frontier3DSNintendoRed Entertainment
Spike Chunsoft
Get EvenPC, PS4, Xbox One2015
Gran Turismo 7PS4Sony Computer EntertainmentPolyphony Digital2015/2016
Grand Ages: MedievalPCKalypso MediaGaming Mind Studios2015
Grand Theft Auto VPCTake-Two InteractiveRockstar North14/04/2015
Habitat: A Thousand Generations in OrbitPC, Mac,  PS4, Xbox One4gency4gency2015
Halo 5: GuardiansXbox OneMicrosoft Studios343 Industries2015
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Remix3DSSegaSega26/05/2015 (US)
29/05/2015 (EU)
Hearts of Iron IVPCParadox InteractiveParadox Development Studio2015
HellbladePS4Ninja TheoryNinja Theory2015
HellraidPC, PS4, Xbox OneTechlandTechland2015
H-Hour: World's ElitePC, PS4SOF StudiosSOF StudiosMarch 2015
Homefront: The RevolutionPC, PS4, Xbox OneDeep SilverCrytek UK
Deep Silver Dambuster
Hotaru no NikkiVitaNippon Ichi SoftwareNippon Ichi Software24/02/2015 (US)
25/02/2015 (UK)
Hyper Light DrifterXbox One, PC, PS4, Vita,Wii UHeart MachineHeart Machine2015
Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black HeartVitaIdea Factory InternationalSting
Compile Heart
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters GenerationVitaNIS AmericaIdea Factory2015
Just Cause 3PC, PS4, Xbox OneSquare EnixAvalanche Studios2015
Killing Floor 2PC, SteamOSTripwire InteractiveTripwire Interactive2015
Kingdom Come: DeliverancePC, PS4, Xbox OneWarhorse StudiosWarhorse Studios2015
King's QuestPC, PS3, PS4, X360, Xbox OneSierra EntertainmentThe Odd Gentlemen2015
Kirby and the Rainbow CurseWii-UNintendoHAL Laboratory2015
Let It DiePS4GungHo Online EntertainmentGrasshopper Manufacture2015
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIPCSquare EnixSquare Enix2015
Lionel Trains 3D3DSBig John GamesBig John Games2015
Mad MaxPC, PS3, PS4, X360,Xbox OneWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentAvalanche Studios2015
Mario MakerWii-UNintendoNintendo2015
Mario Party 10Wii-UNintendoNintendo2015
Mario vs. Donkey KongWii-UNintendoNintendo2015
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainPS3, PS4, X360, Xbox One,PCKonamiKojima Productions2015
Might & Magic Heroes VIIPCUbisoftLimbic Entertainment GmbH2015
Mighty No. 9PC, Mac,  PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii-U, 3DS, X360, Xbox OneComceptComcept
Inti Creates
April 2015
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate3DSCapcomCapcom2015
Mortal Kombat XPC, PS3, PS4, X360, Xbox OneWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentNetherRealm Studios14/04/2015
No Man's SkyPS4, PCHello GamesHello Games2015
ObductionPCCyan, Inc2015
OlliOlli 2: Welcome to OlliwoodPS4, Vita
Omega QuintetPS4Compile HeartGalapagos RPG28/04/2015
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3PS4, PS3, VitaNamco BandaiTecmo Koei; Omega Force
One Way TripVita, PS4
Ori and the Blind ForestPC, Xbox One, X360Microsoft StudiosMoon Studios2015
PathologicPC, Mac,  PS4, Xbox OneBuka Entertainment
G2 Games
Ice-Pick Lodge2015
Persona 5PS3, PS4AtlusAtlus2015
Pillars of EternityPCParadox Interactive, Obsidian EntertainmentObsidian Entertainment2015
Project CARSPC, PS4, Wii-U, Xbox OneSlightly Mad StudiosSlightly Mad Studios17/03/2015
Quantum BreakXbox OneMicrosoft StudiosRemedy Entertainment2015
Ratchet & ClankPS4Sony Computer EntertainmentInsomniac Games2015
Resident Evil HD RemasteredPC, PS3, PS4, X360,Xbox OneCapcomCapcomQ1 - 2015
Resident Evil: Revelations 2PC, PS3, PS4, X360,Xbox OneCapcomCapcom17/02/2015
Rise of the Tomb RaiderXbox One, X360Square Enix Crystal Dynamics2015
RollerCoaster Tycoon WorldPCAtari, Inc.Pipeworks Software2015
RoundaboutPS4, Xbox OneNo Goblin2015
Saints Row IV: Re-ElectedPS4, Xbox OneDeep SilverVolition30/01/2015
Saints Row: Gat out of HellPC, PS3, PS4, X360, Xbox OneDeep SilverVolition
High Voltage Software
20/01/2015 (US)
23/01/2015 (EU)
ScreamrideXbox One, X360Microsoft StudiosFrontier Developments Ltd.06/03/2015
Shadow RealmsPCElectronic ArtsBioWare Austin2015
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken VirtuesPCPortalariumPortalarium2015
SomaPS4Frictional GamesFrictional Games2015
Space Hulk: DeathwingPC, PS4, Xbox OneFocus Home InteractiveCyanide2015
SplatoonWii-UNintendoNintendo Entertainment Analysis & DevelopmentQ2 2015
Star CitizenPCCloud Imperium GamesCloud Imperium Games2015 - 2016
Star FoxWii-UNintendoNintendo Comprehensive Development Group2015
Star Wars: BattlefrontPC, PS4, Xbox OneLucasArtsPandemic StudiosJuly 2005
State of Decay: Year-One Survival EditionXbox OneMicrosoft StudiosUndead Labs28/04/2015
Story of Seasons3DSMarvelous AQL, XSEED GamesMarvelous AQL31/03/2015
SuperhotPC, Xbox OneBlueBrickJune 2015
Tales of ZestiriaPS3Bandai Namco GamesBandai Namco Studios22/01/2015
Tearaway UnfoldedPS4Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeTarsier Studios 2015
The Awakened Fate UltimatumPS3NIS America2015
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2PC
The Legend of Zelda (working title)Wii-UNintendoNintendo2015
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D3DSNintendoNintendo EAD
The Order: 1886PS4Sony Computer EntertainmentReady at Dawn
SCE Santa Monica Studio
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntPC,  PS4, Xbox OneBandai Namco EntertainmentCD Projekt RED19/05/2015
There Came an EchoPC, Mac,  PS4, Xbox One
Tokyo Twilight GhosthuntersPS3, VitaNIS AmericaToybox Inc.10/03/2015 (US)
13/03/2015 (EU)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegePC, PS4, Xbox OneUbisoftUbisoft Montreal2015
Tom Clancy's The DivisionPC, PS4, Xbox OneUbisoftUbisoft2015
Total War: AttilaPCSegaThe Creative Assembly17/02/2015
Toukiden: KiwamiVitaKoei TecmoOmega Force27/03/2015 (EU)
31/03/2015 (US)
Toy Soldiers: War ChestPC, PS4, Xbox OneUbisoftSignal Studios2015
Triad WarsPCSquare EnixUnited Front Games2015
Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndPS4Sony Computer EntertainmentNaughty Dog2015
Under Night In-Birth Exe:LatePS3NIS America (EU)
Aksys Games (US)
French Bread, Ecole Software24/02/2015 (US)
27/02/2015 (EU)
Until DawnPS4Sony Computer EntertainmentSupermassive Games2015
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal CrusadePC, PS4, Xbox OneBehaviour DigitalBehaviour Interactive2015
Whore of the OrientPC, PS4, Xbox OneTeam BondiTeam Bondi2015
Xenoblade Chronicles New 3DSNew Nintendo 3DSNintendoMonster Games
Monolith Soft
Xenoblade Chronicles XWii-UNintendoMonolith Soft2015
Yoshi's Woolly WorldWii-UNintendoGood-Feel
Nintendo SPD

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