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The Creative Assembly

creative assembly

The Creative Assembly is a British developer of games based in Horsham, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1987. The Creative Assembly is known for developing very successful series of Total War. The first game of the series, Shogun: Total War was developed in 1999, later the developer continued with other titles of the series, such as Medieval: Total War, Rome: Total War, and sequels. In 2005, The Creative Assembly was acquired by Sega and became its subsidiary.

The Creative Assembly

Spire Court
Albion Way
Horsham, West Sussex
RH12 1JW
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1403 756390

Developed Games

  • AFL 98
  • Alien: Isolation
  • ARL 96
  • Cricket 2000
  • Empire: Total War
  • FIFA International Soccer
  • ICC Cricket World Cup England 99
  • International Rugby League
  • Medieval II: Total War
  • Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
  • Medieval: Total War
  • Medieval: Total War – Viking Invasion
  • Microcosm
  • Napoleon: Total War
  • Rome: Total War
  • Rome: Total War: Alexander
  • Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
  • Rugby
  • Rugby World Cup 95
  • Shadow of the Beast
  • Shogun: Total War
  • Shogun: Total War – The Mongol Invasion
  • Sonic Classic Collection
  • Spartan: Total Warrior
  • Stormrise
  • Stunt Car Racer
  • Total War: Arena
  • Total War: Attila
  • Total War: Rome II
  • Total War: Shogun 2
  • Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai
  • Viking: Battle for Asgard

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