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Sony Responds to Xbox Cross-Network Connectivity

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Playstation executives have responded to the recent suggestions that Microsoft is considering inter-console multiplayer functionalities in the future.

An admittedly tight-lipped statement, reported by GameSpot, revealed that Playstation executives are open to the idea of connectivity between different console’s networks. This statement comes in the wake of Xbox’s exciting suggestions that inter-platform gaming could soon be a possibility.

The crux of this development is the inter-Microsoft platform multiplayer coming to Rocket League, which will allow Xbox One and PC gamers to play together. Currently, Rocket League is already cross-platform compatible between PS4 and PC.

Xbox’s ID@Xbox director Chris Charla said that extending this cross-platform connectivity to other consoles is something that the firm certainly want to look into, providing the initiative has support from other platform creators and developers.

Now, Sony’s response issued to GameSpot suggests that the Playstation firm are also open to bringing together the previously segregated worlds of online console gaming. Sony’s statement did not specifically refer to PS to Xbox connectivity, although the day later response makes it obvious that this is the between the lines message.

Sony said that they would be ‘happy’ to have a conversation with any publishers and developers who want to look at cross-platform play. This is a clear endorsement of cross-console gaming, should it have appropriate levels of support from game creators.

Indeed, Sony has already been involved in Playstation to PC gaming. This has occurred in a number of titles, most recently in Rocket League. PS to PC support first began all the way back in 2002, with Final Fantasy 11 on PS2.

There is, unfortunately, still a fair way to go until gamers on Playstation ad Xbox consoles will be able to play say Call of Duty together simultaneously. Yet, these announcements from the Sony and Microsoft camps have plainly stated that inter-console connectivity is one both of their radars. An unprecedented future of online gaming may soon become reality.

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