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Microsoft Hints at Xbox/PS4 Online Connectivity

PS4 and Xbox One

Xbox executives have hinted towards the future of cross-platform online connectivity, and have suggested that gamers in the future may be able to play multiplayer games between Xbox and Playstation consoles.

This revelation came from a post on the Xbox website by Chris Charla, the ID@Xbox director. In this press release, he spoke about updates to the ID@Xbox programme, which allows developers to self-publish directly to the Xbox One.

The main announcement he made was to do with cross-network multiplayer, which will allow Xbox One gamers to play alongside Windows 10 gamers at the same time. The first such game which will allow this to occur is Rocket League, from developer Psyonix. Now, players on the two platforms will be able to play simultaneously.

Even more notable, however, was the suggestion that Xbox want to extend this cross-platform multiplayer capacity to other console networks as well. In essence, this means that Microsoft is seriously looking into the possibility of Xbox and Playstation connectivity.

Interestingly, as GameSpot also noted, Rocket League already allows for PS4 and PC gamers to play online together. The architecture is clearly already been in place for Microsoft to Sony gameplay, meaning that the leap to conjoined Xbox to Playstation gaming cannot be too unlikely.

Chris Charla said that Xbox to other console connectivity will remain up to the developer to include. He also stated that Xbox players will always have the option to only play with other Xbox gamers.

In the same press release, Chris Charla also revealed that a new development solution will be launched to Xbox One soon. Called MonoGame, this open source development platform will added to the console soon.

He also announced that ID@Xbox will be coming to the Windows platform, which will allow developers to include Xbox Live capabilities in their Universal Windows Platform games.

Playstation—or even Nintendo—executives have not yet spoken about cross-platform connectivity. Any further developments on the topic will be reported as and when it comes.

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