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Sony has enough components to hit 22m PS5 sales goal

PlayStation 5 console

Sony has announced that it has managed to secure enough semiconductors to produce 12 million more PS5 consoles. This means that it will hit its target of 22 million consoles for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022.

The company had previously made it clear that it didn’t know if it would be able to secure the resources required to produce the target number of PS5 consoles it had set itself. However, it’s now confident that it has enough to make the remaining 12 million, pushing it up to hit its overall target of 14.8 million, but push beyond that to 22.6 million, far surpassing the 14.8 million the PS4 sold within the first financial year.

Semiconductors have been in short supply since the pandemic hit last year. Factories closed around the world, meaning nothing was being made. Even when things began to open up again, production was slow and has continued to be, meaning there’s a lot of catching up to do with the rise in demand.

PS5s are incredibly hard to get a hold of. Sony’s botched pre-order system late last year caused many to miss out on a console, and the rest were purchased by scalpers. It’s still easier to buy a PS5 for a £200 mark-up on eBay than it is to get it from a legitimate retailer.

However, more stock is slowly coming. Every month or so, a retailer has a small influx of stock that sells out within 24 hours. Consumers are just about getting their hands on the goods, but there’s still far from enough to keep up with demand. For those who aren’t available at all hours to hop onto a website and buy one, they’re tantalizingly out of reach.

With this new stock of semiconductors, Sony likely won’t have to change the design of the PS5 to make it easier and faster to produce. This was a tactic the company was considering earlier this year in order to meet the massive demand that there is for its console.

As long as there are enough consoles out in the wild when the big PS5 exclusives launch, Sony should continue to see success with its new platform.

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