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Project CARS 3 announced

The announcement trailer for Project CARS 3 went live, but was swiftly taken down. The intention of both Sony and Bandai Namco was to make the game’s announcement yesterday, but it seems as though the trailers were not rescheduled. Regardless, the game has now been officially announced.

Project CARS is a racing simulator series that has risen to prominence thanks to the accuracy of the driving experience it provides to players. The first two games in the series have launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and Project CARS 3 will follow on all of these platforms too.

The game’s announcement trailer came with a release window of summer 2020. However, given how late in the current console generation’s life cycle this game is launching, it’s likely that it will also be coming to next-gen consoles as well.

Details on the game are scarce at the moment, but some have made it into a couple of press outlets. From what has been shared so far, it seems like developer Slightly Mad Studios has completely revamped the franchise’s core systems in this latest entry.

First and foremost, players will be rewarded for playing how they want to. If a player prefers to stick to time trials rather than live races, then they can just play those. If a player prefers races to anything else, or just the online Rivals Mode, then it’s possible to just play those and still progress through the career.

Rivals Mode, the multiplayer mode in the series, has been reworked too. Now players will be able to challenge a rival and take on their time ghost across any of the races that they’ve been recorded on.

Players can continue to do this and earn valuable rewards to use in their career. The game takes the time ghost from the player closest to them on the leaderboard. In theory, players could just play Rivals mode and keep coming up against tougher and tougher opponents without the need to work through the main career races.

Many driving enthusiasts are excited to learn more about Project CARS 3 and how it differs from other racing games. One of the key selling points is said to be how it appeals to all gamers, from racing sim fans, to casual players, and that may be the key to how it conquers the market.

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