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Playstation VR may Launch Future PC Support

PlayStation VR

Sony executives have hinted the their upcoming Playstation Virtual Reality equipment might one day in the future be upgraded to include support for use on PC.

Although Playstation VR has not yet even been released and able to establish itself as a VR peripheral, Sony’s executive vice president spoke about the future planned expansions of the device in an interview with Japanese outlet Nikkei, with translations given by Eurogamer.

Masayasu Ito made the announcement that, although Playstation’s first priority is to get the gear and its games out on the shelves, his firm has looked into branching out the scope of Playstation VR. He confirmed that Sony has investigated the matter, but remained clear that they have nothing to show as of yet.

The key aspect to the possibility of seeing Playstation VR working on PC is the similarity in their core foundations. Ito said that the Playstation 4 was built using a large amount of the same kind of architecture that PCs run on.

PS VR devices would easily be usable on PC thanks to the simple USB and HDMI wiring, much in the same way as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are wired. Despite these similarities though, there would still need to be a significant amount of work to bring Sony’s virtual reality headset to PC.

Sony would additionally require a specialised and custom-programmed software system to allow the PS VR to interface with PCs. As well as a software environment, Sony would need to work on allowing Playstation Camera and Playstation Move to operate successfully on the platform.

The possibility of expanding Playstation VR to other areas of the wider gaming market would certainly make for a wise business decision, despite some difficulties in perfecting the device’s capabilities on PS4 and PC. Having already been declared a VR winner by certain industry analysts, Sony could capitalise on further prospects.

Besides the possibility of PS VR working on PC, Sony is rumoured to be working on a mid-generation PS4 update.

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