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PlayStation VR games will almost double by the end of 2018

PlayStation VR - Wallpaper - 27-10-2016

In a recent interview a Sony representative told Nikkei that they’re planning on bringing 130 more titles to the PlayStation VR headset by the end of 2018.

Sony has confirmed that they’ve sold over 2 million PlayStation VR headsets so far, allowing them to greatly increase the library of games available for the device. In 2018 Sony is planning to increase the number of games available for PSVR from 150 to 280. Not only is Sony increasing the number of games available, but they’re hoping that the larger library will increase the userbase and attract more developers to the PlayStation VR platform.

Since launch PlayStation VR has been selling slower than Sony anticipated. In June 2017 1 million units had been sold, but a new version of the hardware releasing in Japan and Black Friday holiday discounts have helped push that number in the six months following that milestone.

While Sony continue to promote their VR headset many believe it is still missing an iconic title, that sets it apart from other headsets on the market. Resident Evil 7 is arguably the best game available on PlayStation VR at the moment, but upcoming title Blood and Truth looks as though it will give the headset an edge in the market. This game is a homage to cockney gangster movies, pushing the boundaries of what VR is to the absolute limit, and it’s a PlayStation exclusive.

Jim Ryan, Global Sales and Marketing Head for Sony, said that Sony is very much looking to push boundaries with PlayStation VR in 2018, searching for iconic experiences like Resident Evil 7 and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. He also said that developers are now starting to see the raw power the headset provides, meaning Sony is seeing the birth of some brilliant new styles of game, storytelling, and visceral experiences in PlayStation VR.

This month PlayStation VR will see the release of the prequel to the critically acclaimed Until Dawn, The Inpatient. This is a survival horror game exclusively on PlayStation VR and should start the year off with the desired bang for PlayStation VR Sony is hoping to achieve.

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