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Sony and Sega address reports of PC game ports

Days Gone

Sega and Sony’s PlayStation have addressed recent reports of several of their PlayStation 4 exclusive games being ported to PC.

Earlier this week, a number of PC versions of various Sony games were listed on Amazon France. Included in these PC port listings were Days Gone, Gran Turismo Sport, The Last Of Us Part 2, and Bloodborne.

In addition to these PC listings, Amazon France also created products for PC versions of Sega and Atlus’ incredibly popular Persona 5 Royal. The game is currently a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and no word has come from Sony, Sega, or Atlus to suggest otherwise.

Speaking with IGN, both companies explained that these PC version listings were a mistake on Amazon France’s part. They added that they haven’t made any sort of announcement to lead the retailer to think that these PC ports are on the way, so there’s no reason that they should have been put up.

Given the news that the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC, many press outlets picked up the listings from Amazon France and took them as absolute truth. Most PlayStation fans took the news as truth, and the reaction caused a wide divide between them.

Some Sony fans are pleased that the games they love so much were going to come to PC, whilst others couldn’t believe what they were hearing. As a business, Sony only stands to benefit from bringing their exclusives to PC, but those fans who are loyal to a fault to their brand see it as a betrayal of the core reason that they invest in a PlayStation each console generation.

Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s most recent PlayStation exclusive, has already been confirmed to be heading to PC as well in the future. Once again, this has been met with a split reaction from the community.

PC gamers have never been that bothered about console exclusives. The only game that some PC gamers have always wanted to be able to play on their platform is Bloodborne, because it fits in so well with the Dark Souls genre, which is still incredibly popular today.

While there could be some credence to these PC listings, given the PlayStation 4 exclusives that are already heading to PC, Sony would be remiss to move ahead with them without announcing them to the gaming community first.

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