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Original Xbox Games Coming to Xbox One?

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A recent Tweet by Xbox’s Phil Spencer suggests that games from the original Xbox console might be coming to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature.

In response to a fan asking about Xbox game compatibility with the Xbox One, Spencer says that he often thinks about making that a reality.

Xbox 360 compatibility has recently been added to Xbox One, with games like Gears of War, Mass Effect, Kameo, Super Meat Boy and Viva Piñata already on the list.

Seeing as though the 360 was backwards compatible with the original Xbox, it is very possible that games such as San Andreas, Knights of the Old Republic and Conker’s Bad Fur Day will be playable on Xbox One.

Spencer said that his team must first work on finishing backwards compatibility for 360 beforehand, but that he asks the team about original Xbox compatibility a lot.

While Microsoft is aiming to add backwards compatibility of all Xbox platforms to Xbox One, Sony has taken a different route. Instead, Sony has been remastering older games to release again on PS4.

In either case, it is clear that the games of the past as still as popular today as they were before to bring in the cash for Microsoft and Sony.

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