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New Xbox One Console Version Info Leaks

Xbox One

Details and rumours about a new Xbox One edition have leaked onto the web, suggesting that Microsoft is currently working on an upgraded and power powerful version of their console.

Leaked information provided by Kotaku suggested that Microsoft is in fact developing two new models of the Xbox One, which will be released within the next two years. Kotaku reported that these will be a smaller and cheaper version, and a more powerful and technically capable version. The cheaper is supposedly planned for sooner, with the second—codenamed Scorpio—to come in 2017.

MCV has reported that the rumoured Xbox Scorpio is approximately 50% more powerful than the upcoming mid-generation update from Sony, the PS4 Neo. Sources have suggested that the Xbox Scorpio will have a processing capability of 6 teraflops, compared to the PS4 Neo’s claimed 4.14 teraflops in peak performance. This is a significant boost in power, considering the respective 1.32 and 1.84 teraflop values of the original Xbox One and PS4 models.

In addition to enhanced processing heft, the Scorpio is also rumoured to be compatible with and capable of supporting the Oculus Rift. Kotaku’s sources alleged that Microsoft is “pursuing a partnership with Oculus.”

On the cheaper and smaller Xbox model, Kotaku’s sources claimed that it will potentially have a 2016 release date, which MCV said could be as early as August. They said that it is expected to have a hard drive 2TB in size, double the capacity of the current biggest Xbox One. MCV also mentioned that the Xbox One Slim could be up to 40% physically smaller than the current model’s dimensions, and indeed smaller than any previous model. 4K video support is also claimed.

Although Microsoft has not released any official word of confirmation, the pundits are saying that Microsoft will reveal the two models at this year’s E3, following in the footsteps of Sony’s predicted E3 reveal of the PS4 Neo.

More news on the Xbox One Scorpio and Slim will be reported as it breaks.

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