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Gamestop confirm more Switch consoles coming soon

Nintendo Switch Consoles

Since its launch in March this year the supply of Nintendo Switch consoles has been struggling to keep up with the underestimated demand. Now however it seems as though US customers will be able to get their hands on a console as early as this week, according to Gamestop.

Gamestop has released a statement telling customers that select stores will be taking on new stock of Nintendo Switch consoles across the country throughout the week. The deliveries will be at different times, so there won’t be a specific day that everyone can head to their local store to purchase a console, and they’ll be sold on a first come first served basis.

Anyone hoping to pick up a console bundle in store is out of luck, as the Gamestop stores receiving the stock will only be selling standalone Switch consoles. Online however, gamestop is offering console bundles with games such as the newly released ARMS, as well as other Switch accessories like Joy Con Controller charging stands for around $460.

UK retailers are still struggling to meet the demand for Switch consoles. GAME recently had more consoles in stock after around a month without, but even those have disappeared from the online storefront in next to no time. UK customers hoping to secure a console within the next shipment are able to pre-order the standalone console for a delivery date of TBC-2017, or they can pre-order the Splatoon 2 limited edition bundle which launches on July 21st.

At E3 last week the Switch had a number of promising titles shown, many of which are releasing this year. These games have bolstered the console’s biggest weakness, which seemed to be a lack of triple A quality games.

Among the titles coming to Nintendo Switch that owners can look forward to are the latest Mario title, Super Mario Odyssey. The game is set in an entirely new, more lifelike, city where Mario can fight new and interesting enemies, as well as explore with the new powers provided to him by his cap in order to find new ways to save the city, and unlock intriguing secrets.

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