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Bethesda Hiring Staff for “Bleeding Edge RPG”

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Reports are claiming that Bethesda is gearing up its workforce to create a new game at the ‘bleeding edge’ of roleplaying game development.

As recounted by Gamesradar, Bethesda Games Studios and its parent company Zenimax have posted job vacancies for a variety of roles to join a team that will work on a new project in Bethesda’s repertoire of world famous RPGs.

It was revealed in February 2016 that Bethesda has three “big and crazy projects” currently in the works. Although the firm has obviously remained tight lipped about any specific details, Todd Howard mentioned that the three upcoming games would continue on with Bethesda’s typical style of game, which most likely refers to the Elder Scrolls and Fallout style open world RPG, although he did say that they would in many ways be different to anything they have done before.

Gamesradar trawled through the Linkedin profiles of Bethesda developers, finding that senior developers are working on unannounced projects. Fallout 4’s lead producer Jeff Gardiner is currently listed as working on a secret project, as is Skyrim sound designer Dave Schreiber.

Bethesda is currently hiring for a variety of positions. These include engine, game, graphics and Havok physics programmers, level and quest designers, as well as VFX and sound designers. All the available positions state that new hires will join their ‘bleeding edge RPG’ team for PC and console platforms.

The job requirements necessitate appliers to have a passion for great games, solid knowledge of Bethesda’s output, solid experience in game development, knowledge of various coding and programming skills and a motivated and energetic work ethic.

Considering the fact that Bethesda is still building up its team for the unannounced project—or projects—it is certain that solid details won’t be arriving for some time. As Fallout 4 is still in the early days of its DLC programme, resources and manpower will be split between various projects.

It is possible that details on Bethesda’s upcoming titles will be revealed at their press conference at this year’s E3, the second the RPG developer will have held.

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