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2K Games outline the future of their WWE franchise

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2K Games has given an update on their WWE franchise, which won’t be seeing a mainline entry this year due to various complications.

Now the company has named Patrick Gilmore as the new Executive Producer for 2K’s WWE franchise. This follows huge criticisms made against WWE 2K20, which launched with a plethora of bugs, glitches, and many elements that were outright broken. The issues were so bad that PlayStation offered refunds of the game.

2K has also revealed the game that will be taking the place of this year’s entry to their WWE franchise. The game is called WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Developed by Saber Interactive, the game is much more over the top than the mainline franchise, with flaming fists, and even crocodiles becoming part of some matches.

In an open letter to their fans, 2K explained how they have heard all of the concerns and issues surrounding their last WWE 2K game. They want to address all of these and produce a game that is beyond what players could expect. As a result, they’re keeping the WWE 2K19 servers live while they work on the next mainline game.

They described how WWE 2K21 will launch in 2021. They want to work with Visual Concepts, the new developer of the franchise, to create a renewed focus on fun in the series. It seems as though there has been a lot of strain on both developer and publisher with the next game, and it’s all clearly come to a head with this big delay.

In some further good news for 2K fans this year, the publisher announced that they would continue supporting the WWE SuperCard series, which is currently in its sixth season.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds will be the big wrestling game launch of 2020, there isn’t anything else on the way. This will be the first year for a very long time that this has been the case. While this may open up an opportunity for another developer to produce a wrestling game, it’s likely that anything that is produced won’t be able to compete against WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

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