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Xbox One exclusives to release on Xbox Game Pass at launch

Xbox Game Pass - 100 Games

Microsoft has announced that they will be expanding the range of games on their subscription service, the Xbox Game Pass, to include more first party exclusives as they release.

The Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that allows subscribers access to 100 Xbox games, which are changed over time in order to keep them fresh. Subscribers have unlimited downloads and so can play all 100 games if they want, but now it looks as though subscribers will be able to play a new range of games being added to the Game Pass, brand new Xbox exclusive releases.

The first Xbox exclusive title which will be added to the Xbox Game Pass at the same time as it releases at retail level will be Sea of Thieves. The game releases on March 20th exclusively on PC and Xbox One, and it will go live at the same time on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass - 100 Games

Other games that will be releasing on the Xbox Game Pass subscription at the same time as at retail are Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2. These are three hugely anticipated exclusives which are being made available as part of the Xbox subscription service rather than an early access program. In comparison Sony has nothing of the sort that even comes close to what Microsoft is offering with their exclusive titles, and most games on Playstation Plus are usually at least a year old.

Phil Spencer hinted at the future of Xbox Game Pass and exclusive first party releases coming to the service as they launch. He said that new iterations of future unannounced titles from Microsoft Studios would be included, noting the Halo series, Forza Racing games, and the Gears of War franchise.

Spencer said that they have only begun to scratch the service with what is possible with the Xbox subscription service. Adding that Microsoft believe that the Xbox Game Pass is a catalyst for developers and publishers that will innovate how they create and distribute games.

The Xbox Game Pass rotates which games are available on a monthly basis, but these new releases will most likely be added outside of that rotation as and when they release.

Xbox Game Pass - 100 Games

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