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Typhoon Studios acquired by Google

Typhoon Studios - Staff

Typhoon Studios, the developers behind Journey to the Savage Planet based in Montreal, has been acquired by Google.

Jade Raymond, Google Stadia’s first-party boss, explained that Google believes that the studio has done amazing work on some incredible games before, and the company wants that work to go into first-party titles on Stadia moving forward.

Raymond went on to describe how Typhoon Studios has worked on brands such as Batman, Assassin’s Creed, and even the original Splinter Cell, all of which Google believes are incredible. The studio might be a small indie, but it was built by veterans of the games industry who have shipped some of the best games on the market.

Journey to the Savage Planet is ready to ship on January 28, 2020, made by a team of 25 people in less than two years, a hugely impressive feat that has caught Google’s eye and led to this acquisition.

Raymond stated that the impressive feats from Typhoon Studios are what Google expects to see moving forward as their very first developer acquisition. Google wants to bring the innovation Typhoon Studios has shown to Google Stadia as soon as possible, which is likely to happen because of how quickly the team can work.

Unfortunately Raymond wouldn’t say what Typhoon Studios’ first project for Stadia would be, claiming that Google wasn’t ready to talk about it just yet. She also confirmed that a small team has already been built and is working on-site with Google now.

The team is excited about creating a new game with innovations that will build upon Stadia as a brand new platform. With Stadia using the cloud to power the games that users play, there’s a lot more potential for larger experiences that provide players with games like they’ve never seen before.

This might be the first studio acquisition that Google has made for Stadia, but recently the company also brought in a group of ex-Assassin’s Creed developers for their first-party games. This team, combined with the staff from Typhoon Studios, will probably be responsible for some Stadia exclusives that could help Google show the world that this is a platform worth investing in.

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