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Ring Fit Adventure sales limited in Australia due to resellers

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a triumphant return to fitness games for Nintendo, but certain factors are causing the game to be in short supply in certain regions. Kotaku Australia has reported that the number of copies a customer can purchase from local retailer EB Games has been capped. This is a measure the company is taking to try to serve as many customers as possible, preserving their stock with a limit of two copies per sale.

New shipments to Australia have been going fast. One EB Games store reported that their entire stock was purchased within five minutes of being listed online. Staff have advised consumers that stock may not be refreshed until March, or even April at the latest.

Sources speaking to Kotaku explained that resellers are exacerbating the issue. They gave examples of one consumer who purchased seven copies in a single transaction, and another who went to five separate stores and purchased a copy in each one.

Most of these copies are being sold by the people buying them through reseller sites such as eBay, or Chinese auction site Taobao. South China Morning Post spin-off Abacus has reported that Ring Fit Adventure has seen a particular surge in popularity in China.

Ring Fit Adventure is a great way to get exercise without exposing yourself to the coronavirus. With the recent launch of the Nintendo Switch in China, there’s no better game to help those who want exercise during the current outbreak.

Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s CEO, explained recently that the coronavirus is having an unavoidable impact on the game’s production. Some regions, such as France, simply have too much demand for the stock they recieve. The game sold out after 120,000 units were sold. At the time Philippe Lavoué, Nintendo France’s manager, described how he wished that they’d ordered 10 to 15 percent more stock in order to meet demand.

Since it launched last year, Ring Fit Adventure has sold over 2.17 million units worldwide. The game has a unique accessory that makes the user perform various exercises in order to progress and fight their way through the game’s story. It also has a number of smaller workout modes, making it a great game for those who want a workout, regardless of fitness level.

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