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Official Instructions for PlayStation VR Issued

Playstation VR

PlayStation VR, Sony’s first venture into virtual reality gaming, makes its long-awaited debut this October. Ahead of the release of the $399 headset, official instructions for the use of the device have appeared on the PlayStation Asia website.

The instructions provide greater insight into how the device will operate than previous announcements from Sony. The major points from the user guide are listed below.

Children under 12 should not use the device

Sony states that children under the age of 12 should not use the VR headset. The “target age” for the device is 12 and above.

Playstation VR

PlayStation VR should be played sitting down

“We suggest users sit while using VR headsets,” the guide states. This has not previously been specified by Sony but seems logical given that the headset will monopolise the visual field of players. Were gamers to use the device standing up there is a risk they could trip over and injure themselves.

Try before you buy

Sony point out that there is a difference between viewing standard 3D graphics and the VR experience and therefore recommend that players try PlayStation VR “at shops or trial events” before buying it. The risk of motion sickness when using VR headsets is not explicitly mentioned, but is one of the issues a trial of the device could identify.

You can play the device wearing glasses

Players with glasses should be able to use PlayStation VR, according to the guide, though it does state that there may be “individual differences” associated with the use of the device.

Playstation VR

PlayStation VR is not necessarily a single player-only experience

Sony confirm in the guide that the “social screen” mode of the device allows other to engage in the VR experience. “Mirroring mode” replicates VR visual output on a TV screen to allow others to watch what the VR player is doing. “Separate mode” allows others to play along with the wearer of the VR headset through use of the TV screen.

60 square feet of space required

The playing area for PlayStation VR must be a minimum of 60 square feet. This is to allow the PlayStation Camera to work in conjunction with the headset to track the motion of the player’s head as they look from side to side.

PlayStation VR will be available for retail on October the 13th 2016 at a price of $399/£349.

PlayStation VR - Area Covered

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