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Nvidia thinks Switch is an ‘incredible games console’

Nintendo Switch

In a conference call with their investors, executives from the computer hardware producers Nvidia spoke about their recent projects during the third quarter of the 2017 fiscal year. During the conference, Nvidia discussed Nintendo Switch, the console/handheld hybrid device only a few months from release. As the manufacturers of Switch’s components, they expressed great excitement about the upcoming console.

Over the course of the development of Switch – which included hundreds of years’ worth of man-hours over two calendar years – Nintendo and Nvidia built an ‘incredible’ console, said the hardware firm’s co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang. This collaboration between the two companies has evidently been fruitful, as he mentioned that the working relationship is likely going to extend for another twenty years – perhaps three or four more console cycles at the current rate.

“I really believe when everybody sees it and enjoy it, they’re going be amazed by it,” Huang said. “It’s really like nothing they’ve ever played with before. And of course, the brand, their franchise and their game content is incredible.”

He then explained the possibility of bringing games from other platforms – PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox – to Switch. Huang said that the similarities between all the platforms’ components are that they share the use of ‘modern GPUs’, ‘programmable shading’, and ‘very similar architectural features’.

Despite the many other varied aspects of multiplatform development, Huang appeared certain that Switch would both be able to cope with the production quality of other platforms’ games, a statement previously contrasted by Capcom, which issued doubts about the viability of multiplatform Switch games.

Elsewhere in the conference, Nvidia announced a 54% year on year increase to $2 billion in Q3 revenue, up 40% from the previous quarter. These profits were earned in each of Nvidia’s interests – ‘gaming, professional visualization, datacenter and automotive’. Specifically to gaming, revenue grew year on year to $1.24 billion, up 63%. This was thanks to a wave of PC upgrades due to new titles like Battlefield 1 and Infinite Warfare.

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