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No Man’s Sky Releases to Criticism from PC Gamers

No Man's Sky

The procedurally generated, universe exploration game, No Man’s Sky, released to a satisfactory yet not stellar critic’s score of 71/100 on Metacritic. However, No Man’s Sky has been reviewed much harsher by gamers, who have given the title a Metacritic score of 4.9/10 on PS4 and just 2.8 on PC. Steam reviews are equally mixed.

So what happened to the No Man’s Sky hype build-up, and why, particularly, have PC gamers’ reactions been unproportionally negative?

As mentioned by Eurogamer, the PC port of the title is likely responsible for a large amount of gamers’ grievances. Certain customisation options—like 4K resolution, HUD removal and field of view options—were promised for the PC port, which weren’t available on PS4. But many PC gamers have reportedly been faced by many technical issues and glitches throughout the game. Eurogamer claims that some are finding the game ‘unplayable in its current state’.

Sean Murray of Hello Games said, in a press release responding to technical glitches, that they ‘are tracking a number of issues’. Player reports of crashes and bugs are being paid attention to and investigated, with the hope that issues will be resolved ‘as soon as possible’.

In response to the post-release stage of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has opened up its staff with a new QA team, larger in size than the rest of the entire previous staff roster. This team will complement and work with the existing QA team from Sony.

Hello Games will be working hard on bug fixing over the next period of time, and is currently working on smoothing out ‘most critical issues’. A ‘ticketed support system’ will also be put into place as of Monday 15th August.

“We sincerely apologise to anyone affected in the meantime,” Murray said.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4 and PC.

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