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No Man’s Sky Day One Patch Adds Multiple Endings

No Man's Sky

In anticipation of its 9 August release date, developer Hello Games has described information about an ‘enormous’ day one patch which, amongst many other things, includes such endgame content as multiple endings.

A press release published in relation to the day one update sets out the large variety of new content that will be added into the game from its launch. Hello Games’ spokesperson, Sean Murray, mentioned that the firm has been ‘under a pretty intense spotlight’ in the run up to No Man’s Sky’s hotly anticipated release. Murray also confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be ‘continually updated’ throughout the game’s lifespan.

New content and additions will be added across all areas of the game, from the design of the storyline, the wide universe of galaxies and solar systems, flora and fauna, combat, and script writing.

Three unique storyline paths will be available to progress through during the game. Early choices in No Man’s Sky will have ‘significant impact’ on both the events during the later game and on the ‘overall experience’. In addition to this, the Atlas path story has been rewritten by Murray and James Swallow of Deus Ex.

The algorithms that determine the procedurally generated universe have been tweaked. Some galaxies have changed shape to create more variety, and some galaxies will be up to ten times larger than before. Planets’ locations have been changed and certain biomes within planets have been altered, with an increase in life form diversity and numbers.

New environments such as dead moons, thin atmospheres and hazardous planets will be included with the update. These will include a new atmospheric system that allows for four times as varied night and day skies.

Trading in the game has also been fleshed out by the update. Star systems will have their own localised economy, which make up part of larger galactic economies. Many additions have also been made to settlements, space stations, ships and items.

Finally, improvements and tweaks have been made to combat, graphics, stability, stat and item balancing, and exploits.

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