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Need For Speed Payback announced

Electronic Arts has announced the next release in the Need for Speed series, Need for Speed Payback. The game looks to have the same stunning visuals and in-depth car tuning themes that are core to each and every game, but Payback looks to add even more.

The Need for Speed series has evolved from car and track racing games through to illegal races, story-driven pursuits, and open world racers. The last entry in the series looked to add more realism to the series with photo realistic cars and live action cutscenes adding to the intense night races.

Need for Speed Payback, currently being developed by Ghost Games studio, looks like a return to the open world racing experience of Need for Speed Most Wanted. In Most Wanted a core component of the racing gameplay was both being pursued by the police by land and air, and pursuing others as the police. From the latest trailer we can see a lot of police pursuit vehicles are involved in the main story, but that’s not all.

The story of Need for Speed Payback follows a crew in the underworld of Fortune Valley. The crew is employed to take down a dangerous cartel known as The House, who are not only based throughout Fortune Valley, but have control over the police forces, other criminal elements, and almost every business in the area.

The core gameplay of Need for Speed revolves around various forms of racing and customising cars. In Need for Speed Payback players will only have one car, but they will craft it from a scrapheap into the ideal racing machine that will see them through the entire game. Not every race will be the same, with some requiring a car created for the express purpose of road racing, while others may need a drag racer, muscle car, or off road vehicle. No firm details have been revealed as of yet apart from the fact that players will take one car throughout the entire game.

This means there is no avoiding the mass and fine tuning of a vehicle, because a car designed to race on tarmac won’t work so well on dirt tracks. This change to the norm means that players will get to customise their car again and again depending on what the situation requires, and should also help them beat any particularly tough races with some new parts here and there.

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