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Monster Hunter XX announced for Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter XX - Switch
Nintendo have announced that the 3DS title, Monster Hunter XX, will be making its way over to the Nintendo Switch as a port for the home and handheld console hybrid. Monster Hunter XX is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, which launched March this year.

The Monster Hunter series throws players into a world full of creatures to hunt and claim as trophies for their lodge. Capcom carefully crafts each world to be filled with an entire ecosystem of creatures, from small birds, all the way up to huge reptilian beasts that blast fire from their mouths or control electricity.

These larger monsters serve as bosses in the world, and offer up exotic resources with which players can craft new armour or swords, some of which resemble the beasts themselves. The variety of items to craft, as well as the number of different elemental effects to imbue them with will all have an impact on how well the player is able to take down the next massive foe they encounter.

Monster Hunter XX will include a number of different hunting styles, which change the moveset of the character and make them better at certain types of attacks. Some focus having better counterattacks against monsters, while others provide stronger defence, or a wider range of offensive attacks at the expense of some defensive moves.

The game will also include Deviant Monsters. These are monsters from previous titles that have been mutated so that they have different abilities and powers to offer completely new challenges to payers. Like other boss monsters these will allow players to earn loot for crafting unique and powerful weapons that will help them take on the next powerful creature they encounter.

Finally, this latest Monster Hunter game will have Prowler Mode, letting players take on the role of the cat like race of Felynes. In this mode players gain access to new trade destinations, villages, specific Prowler Missions, and of course a new roster of characters to play as.

Monster Hunter should play on Nintendo Switch extremely well, since it can make use of both the Joy Con controllers and the tablet itself. Given the upscaling of the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter XX could also be the best-looking game in the series. Though no release date has been announced yet, Nintendo will be confirming it at the Monster Hunter Championship 2017.

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