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Is Sony getting ready to launch the PS5 Pro soon?

It has now been reported by several sources that Sony is getting ready to launch a new console this year. According to a number of industry experts, a PlayStation 5 Pro will be hitting store shelves sometime in 2024, and will come with new Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) rendering technology.

This enhanced version of the PS5 console will follow on from the successful release of the PS4 Pro back in 2016, which introduced PlayStation gamers to 4K gaming on the console for the first time, as well as more power, faster frame rates, greater draw distances, and HDR support for select games.

With big titles such as Grand Theft Auto VI and Death Stranded 2 scheduled to be released in 2025, Sony will do everything it can to make certain that it has one of the most state-of-the-art and powerful hardware possible to match, and continue to be the leading and most cutting-edge gaming platform on the market.

Sony will also want to continue the trend of success it enjoyed in 2023 – a year that saw the November release of the PS5 slim model console and over nine billion dollars in end-of-year sales revenue.

For the first time since its release a few months ago, some outlets in Europe are now offering discounts on the new slim console, in an attempt by Sony to keep sales up until the PS5 Pro is released. Being reduced by as much as €75 / £70 in some European countries, you can now purchase a new PS5 Slim model for €549.99 / £479.99 retail.

Sony’s ambitious sales goal for the current fiscal year (March 2023 – March 2024) was to sell a total of 25 million PlayStation consoles worldwide. Despite selling well over 20 million devices, with only one week to go until March, it looks like Sony will fall short of this bold target.

After a not so strong 2023 for Sony, it was reported last week that the overall value of the company has now dropped by as much as $10 Billion. However, this is large due to the post-holiday sales drop-off and Sony’s recently released sales forecast for 2024 that shows a decrease in PlayStation’s operating margin for the year.

The release of the PS5 Pro later in the year could be just the thing Sony needs to ratchet up its sales profits in 2024, seeing that there is no other major game or console release slated for this year.

Even so, some industry experts have speculated that the current drop in the company’s value could also mean that there might not be any price cuts on the standard PS5 once the Pro version launches, which was the case with the PS4. But, this remains to be seen.

With speculation looming but a release date yet to be announced, some more news and details on the PS5 Pro are expected to drop shortly. Once they do, you can be sure to find it all right here as soon as it happens.

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