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HD Remakes Have No Place in EA’s Portfolio

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HD remakes have become something of a phenomenon in recent years, as many popular franchises have been remastered for the latest console generation.

Unfortunately for fans of EA’s lineup of classic titles, high level EA executive Peter Moore has said that HD remakes are not going to be a part of EA’s portfolio.

Moore spoke out against the culture of rehashed games, saying that there isn’t room in EA’s busy schedule to spend time on old ideas.

Describing EA as a company that likes to push boundaries, Moore said that re-releasing old games runs contrary to EA’s motives, and that remakes feel as though developers have run out of ideas.

There are some benefits to HD remakes though. For smaller companies remakes are a great way to boost revenue, he said, as the costs of remaking a previously existing IP are reduced significantly.

While it is highly likely that there will never be a HD remake for the Mass Effect series, gamers will still be able to once more enjoy EA’s back catalogue when their games come to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility collection.

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