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Ex-Square Enix Boss Calls Konami’s Treatment of Kojima “Cruel”

Yoichi Wada, the former head of Square-Enix, has pitched into the still on-going debacle between Konami and famed developer Hideo Kojima.

For the past year, the continuing issues surrounding the two parties have persistently remained in the news as rumours about the failing relationship between Kojima and Konami continued to bounce back and forth.

While there has still been now firm confirmation of Kojima’s departure from the company, it is fairly well assumed due the whitewashing of his name from Konami games and other insider tips.

In a post on Facebook, translated by Kotaku, Mr. Yoichi Wada said that he could not believe the cruel treatment suffered by Kojima. Not only did Mr. Wada denounce the unfair personal treatment of Kojima, he also described the issue as “negative for business.”

Mr. Wada blamed the failed relationship on a possible lack of leadership in the upper levels of Konami’s management. He said that perhaps Konami are lacking a knowing leader who can take control of the details of the enterprise’s direction.

Konami has undergone a period of significant changes this year. They have decided to close down the majority of its console development (except Pro Evolution Soccer) to focus on mobile and arcade games.

“Going out of your way to make enemies with the world has no meaning,” Mr. Wada said.

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