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Call of Duty WWII reveal details

Call of Duty WW2

Activision has held a livestream event at which they officially revealed gameplay details for Call of Duty WW2 for the first time.

Sledgehammer Games, developers of Call of Duty WW2 as well as a number of other Call of Duty titles, talked about the game’s campaign, the new co-op mode, some of the multiplayer modes, and a new social space named Headquarters.

The game’s campaign will follow Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels, and his platoon as they fight from 1940 to 1945, encompassing a large number of important and famous battles from the Second World War. Battles such as The Battle of the Bulge have been mentioned, though no confirmation of how they’re involved in the game’s campaign was mentioned. Sledgehammer Games discussed how the campaign would involve a number of characters from around the world, from French Resistance Fighters to British Soldiers, maybe even women working to keep England going while all the men are off fighting.

Headquarters is a new social space that looks similar to Destiny’s Tower. Here it seems as though players can gather before and after multiplayer matches, whether they want to hang out with friends or deal with soldier customisation. It was hinted at that there could be vendors or at least areas where players can go to buy their new weapons, customise them, as well as organise what loadouts they want for certain classes. This could be great for Call of Duty, especially because it has such a huge fan base who play online together.

Two multiplayer modes were discussed in very light detail. Divisions Mode puts players into a specific division in a battle. This could be the armoured division, responsible for tanks and heavy artillery, or a forward division full of soldiers responsible for capturing enemy territory. It will affect your multiplayer progression ,suggesting that this mode will encourage players to play as classes that are appropriate for their division with XP boosts or better rewards.

The second multiplayer mode to be discussed was War Mode. This is exactly what it sounds like, two teams battling it out for an area of land. However, this mode is said to be narratively driven, suggesting that it will have players fighting the same famous World War 2 battles from the campaign. There has been no confirmation as to whether War Mode matches will contain multiple smaller battles, with each team gaining or losing ground, as was the case in World War 2.

Finally, the new Co-op mode was announced, Nazi Zombies. Not since Call of Duty World at War have players been able to decimate the undead Nazi forces, but they will be able to in Call of Duty WW2 thanks to the new Co-op Zombies Mode. We can expect there to be Horde Mode style gameplay similar to Zombies Mode in other Call of Duty titles, though the fact that this is labeled as a co-op campaign leads us to believe there could be something more to it.

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