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Where to Buy Wholesale CD Keys or Game Codes for PC Games

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PC games can be sold as box products or as digital downloads. Increasing number of games are sold as downloads, because it’s easier and more convenient both for buyers and sellers. The buyers can order games from the seller’s website and receive them instantly, they don’t have to wait till their order is processed, dispatched, and delivered to them, which usually can take from one to several days. For sellers, the logistics is considerably simplified, meaning less time necessary for order processing and reduced costs. Besides digital distribution provides additional downloadable game content (DLC) such as maps or character upgrades. That is why more and more companies offer digital distribution of games. The question is where to buy wholesale stock of activation keys for reselling them retail?

downloadIncreasing number of wholesale distributors offer game activation keys. There are two sources for obtaining activation keys: (1) in digital form directly from publishers and authorized distributors; or (2) CD keys obtained from boxed products.

In order to buy games in digital form from publishers, you need to become an authorized reseller. You can contact them directly for initiating a dialogue on how this could be done. List of publishers is available in our database. They would have certain requirements for the company to become an authorized reseller, including minimum amounts that need to be purchased on regular basis.

In case of CD keys from boxed products, the games get opened, and the CD activation keys taken off from the boxed games, and then they can be used for activating downloaded version of the game. Wholesalers usually scan CD keys and e-mail them to their customers, online retailers, who then sell them to end users. The end users then use these codes for activating games usually downloaded from Steam or other major digital distributor’s website. Some games downloaded from Steam cannot be activated through boxed product activation keys though, a list of retail keys accepted by Steam can be found here. Obtaining CD key from boxed product usually involves considerable manual labor from distributor, each game needs to get opened, the CD key scanned, etc., for this reason digital distributions are not necessarily cheaper than boxed product, in most cases they can be more expensive, though there is a cost saving on eliminating the shipping costs.

The following is a link to digital distributors of games, who sell digital versions of games, CD activation keys. Some of them also sell wholesale, you can contact them directly to find out their prices and terms.

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