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Xbox One Users Most Valuable to Ubisoft

PS4-Xbox One - Ubisoft

A recent market research has indicated that an average Xbox One player earns more money for Ubisoft than an average Playstation 4 gamer.

The findings, reported by VentureBeat, were revealed in Ubisoft’s latest quarterly financial report. In the report, Ubisoft found that for every $1 spent by Playstation 4 gamers, Xbox One gamers spend $1.25 on the same product.

Despite Playstation’s clear dominance over Xbox One in terms of units sold, Microsoft’s console is still performing quite well for Ubisoft. As shown by figures reported by MCV, PS4 has sold 89% more units than Xbox One has. However, in terms of Ubisoft’s sales figures, PS4 sales only account for 51.8% more than Ubisoft’s sales on Xbox One.

While Playstation has a bigger market share in both the actual consoles and in the amount of Ubisoft games sold, Xbox One gamers are still found to be more valuable for Ubisoft. VentureBeat suggested that this is because the software attach rate for Xbox One is higher. Attach rate is the measure of how many pieces of software (games) are sold in relation to the number of consoles sold.

The extra value earned by Ubisoft through Xbox One users is likely due in part to the many exclusive bundles offered by the French publisher. These have included Assassin’s Creed and The Division console packages.

VentureBeat also suggested that Playstation 4 gamers might be more frugal in general compared to Xbox One users. They make this claim due to the higher popularity of the PS4, saying that the more frugal who cannot afford multiple systems would also tend to purchase the more popular console.

The results of the financial report also found that Xbox One gamers’ average revenue per user is increased at a greater rate than PS4 gamers’. VentureBeat noted that through the first three quarters of the 2016 fiscal year, Xbox One gamers spent $1.18 for every $1 spent by PS4 gamers. The steady jump up to $1.25 clearly shows that the Xbox One is a solid earner for publishers.

The fact, however, does remain that PS4 is by a long shot the most successful console of the current generation. Estimates show that PS4 will continue on its path of sales supremacy throughout 2016.

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