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WWE 2K20 New Year bug fixed

WWE 2K20

Over the holidays players of WWE 2K20 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One found that they weren’t able to launch the game once their device’s year had chanced to the year 2020.

On Twitter fans found that putting their internal PC, PS4, or Xbox One clock back to 2019 would allow them to launch the game, but the root cause was never identified. The bug felt reminiscent of Y2K scares, but in this case an issue did actually occur when the year rolled over to 2020.

Now however, 2K Games is assuring fans that the issue has been fixed. The fix was pushed out as an update, so all players need to do is quite the game and download the update before launching the game again.

Some fans have replied to the Tweet with reports that their system, the PlayStation 4 for example, has now update available for the game, meaning the fix hasn’t been put live for them. This could be a regional issue, or something to do with the system needing to be restarted before the update will become available. What is for certain is that 2K Games has made the fix for all players.

Unfortunately WWE 2K20 has been plagued with bugs since it was released. Among the issues were missing in-game items from the collector’s edition, graphical errors, such as character’s hair physics going wild whilst indoors, and certain features simply being completely broken. These issues were so bad that PlayStation began offering refunds to players, which only fueled the trend of pointing out the bugs in the game all over twitter, spreading word of the game’s problems and not the fixed being applied to it.

In August 2019, two months before WWE 2K20’s release date, developer Yuke’s stopped work on the franchise. Yuke’s had been working on the WWE 2K games for 20 years up until August last year, and many fans saw this split as a sign that the game was in trouble. The split has also led to rumours that Yuke’s were unhappy working on the franchise for one reason or another.

WWE 2K21 probably won’t see a similar situation as WWE 2K20, and should be a far more stable game as a result. Until then however, fans will have to bear with 2K Games as they fix the many issues in the latest release in the franchise.

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