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US Console Sales Hit Record Levels in November

Consoles across the board have hit record heights in sales revenue in the United States.

NPD’s analysis of the American games market has found that November 2015 has been a record breaking month for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s consoles.

Year on year, November 2015’s US hardware sales hit a height of $1.12 billion, an increase of 11% to last year’s result. This was also matched by a 14% increase in console sales, which was balanced out by a noticeable decline in handheld units sold.

In the period, the console sales of the eighth console generation (PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U) rose by 22%. PS4 and Xbox One’s growths are rapidly outpacing the growths of their previous iterations too, as the combined 25 month sales of both consoles were 47% higher than 25 months in PS3 and Xbox 360 sales.

The total amount of cash earned by American games sales in November 2015 – hardware and software – totalled an enormous $2.47 billion, up 2% from November 2014.

November’s record-breaking sales were almost certainly due to the month’s strategic time of the year. Not only were people starting to purchase Christmas presents, but also Black Friday proved to be a critical high point for the industry, as consumers bought games by the million.

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