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Ubisoft want Rainbow Six: Siege on next-gen consoles

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege developers Ubisoft have always said that they don’t want to make a sequel for the game until it has at least 100 Operators, the characters players can choose to play as. Recently the company reaffirmed their dedication to hitting this target, even with the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles have launched.

Alexandre Remy, Brand Director for Rainbow Six: Siege, told the Daily Star in an interview that the team working on the game don’t want a sequel. He went on to say that a sequel will split the community between both games and platforms. Instead the team are moving forward with a view to making the game accessible to all across every platform.

Currently it’s not possible for players to enjoy Rainbow Six: Siege with cross-platform multiplayer. Remy’s comments here indicate that Ubisoft want this to be a reality. Remy went on to say in his interview that currently the team are exploring ways to migrate the game to a new generation of consoles, whilst also making it both accessible and cheaper for older ones.

Players would expect a higher price tag to play a game on a next-generation console, but for current-gen consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One they’d expect a much lower one. As Rainbow Six: Siege has grown more Operators and maps have been added, as well as a wealth of other new content. Putting an appropriate price on all this across two console generations will be no easy feat.

Remy says that he believes when next-generation consoles release, Ubisoft must make every effort to include support for them with Rainbow Six: Siege. He referred to next-gen console players as the same class of user as high-end PC players, because they’ll expect a much higher quality experience with the game thanks to their improved hardware.

Remy tempered his earlier comments by pointing out that the goal for 100 Operators is nothing more than just a goal, and goals can change. He went on to add that cross-platform multiplayer is a long way off for Rainbow Six: Siege.

At the moment Rainbow Six: Siege is about to see the release of Operation Phantom Sight, bringing two new Operators, Nokk and Warden, as well as a redesigned version of Kafe Dostoyevsky. A date for season 2 of Year 4 for the game is expected any day after the new operation drops.

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