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Toys R Us opens two new U.S. stores

Toys R Us Sign

Having gone through the full liquidation of over 1000 stores between 2017 and 2018, Toys R Us is now preparing to return by opening two new physical store locations for the first time since filing for bankruptcy, and subsequent cancellation.

A report from Bloomberg explains that the first new store location opened its doors in Paramus, New Jersey, over the Thanksgiving weekend, situated in the Garden State Plaza. This new store is far more focused than their previous ones, and as a result is also a lot smaller. Around 1,500 items are on offer in the store, with the remaining items fulfilled online by Target.

This first new location is divided up internally by brand, which includes a section dedicated to Nintendo with gaming stations and products on display for consumers to browse through.

Toys R Us has given no indication of how important gaming will be to the company’s future with these two new locations. Before the company filed for bankruptcy, gaming accounted for just 4 percent of the company’s sales for the 2017 fiscal year. It’s also worth noting that games aren’t currently offered on the retailer’s website, which may be a sign that these gaming areas are more of a test than a permanent fixture.

Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in the US due to the presence of overwhelming debt in 2017. As a result, all US stores were closed, leaving the international branches of the company struggling on by themselves. The bankruptcy auction was canceled in 2018, as plans emerged to bring the business back from the brink.

These plans came to light earlier this year, as Toys R Us started again under a new name, Tru Kids. The business is a parent company for Toys R Us and Babies R Us, as well as a number of other brands. The Toys R Us website was relaunched in October this year, with Target fulfilling orders for the retailer.

The second new physical Toys R Us store is planned for Houston, Texas, with an opening date of December 5, 2019. By the end of 2020, a total of ten stores should be opened, bringing Toys R Us back to consumers, just in a much smaller capacity.

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