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Titanfall developers talk about FPS market competition

Titanfall 2

Having released back in 2014 as a multiplayer-only title, the Titanfall franchise is gearing up to become a major presence in the first person shooter industry. The first outing in the series launched to a great reaction from both consumers and critics, as it combined FPS mechanics with the unique use of parkour and the giant robot mech Titans.

After the original Titanfall’s strong release, the game has since slipped down in the sales charts and lost some of its user base – in part due to the lack of single player story mode, but also due to declining interest in the multiplayer mode in the face of stiffer competition from the likes of Call of Duty.

Now, however, the series’ creator, Respawn Entertainment, has its sights firmly set on conquering the FPS genre and solidifying Titanfall’s place amongst the FPS greats. In an interview with MCV, Respawn’s art director Joel Emslie and COO Dusty Welch explained their strategy to ensure that the upcoming Titanfall 2 sees success. This primarily involves capitalising on and offering more of the game’s unique story, characters and gameplay.

Dusty Welch explained that it is Titanfall’s uniqueness that will make the sequel a credible competitor to other major FPSs. “We have our own distinctive personality, and that was really important. If everyone has their own thing, that makes a better environment for gamers in general,” he said. “Having a unique quality to your game that people can experience just there, that’s the most important part.”

Titanfall 2 will include a full length campaign mode, which Emslie suggested will be a significant appeal to new and previous players of the franchise. The story mode includes ‘completely new experiences’ in comparison to the multiplayer, which in Welch’s opinion will offer a ‘meaty’ and ‘memorable’ gaming experience to entice gamers even more. He said that the single player will offer an experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Despite the serious competition in the form of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the Modern Warfare remaster, Battlefield 1 and more, Respawn Entertainment remains confident that Titanfall 2 will earn itself a solid user base. Emslie said “there’s a place in the games community for a Battlefield and a place for Titanfall 2 and a place for the other folks.”

“We’re going to end up having the most memorable, deepest story,” Welch explained. “At the end of the day, I’m confident in what the team can do.”

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