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Three Activision Titles to Come to Apple TV

Activision Logo

Activision has lent its support to Apple’s foray into the world of living room gaming by making three of their titles available for the next Apple TV.

The three games chosen to represent Activision on the Apple TV are some of the developer’s most well-known titles. Guitar Hero Live, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved and Skylanders Superchargers will all be available to purchase and play.

Guitar Hero will be playable with the Bluetooth-controlled guitar peripheral which can be used on each of the Apple platforms it is being released on – Apple TV, iPhone, iPod and iPad.

This latest Guitar Hero game will feature the brand new GHTV, which gives players access to a constantly updated library of official music videos. Activision is describing it as “the world’s first playable music video network.”

Geometry Wars 3 has been out on console and PC since October 2014, but will be arriving on Apple TV and iPad in autumn 2015. This new edition will include a revamped cooperative mode and will have a reworked control system that will be especially designed for the new Apple remote and Apple Pencil.

Skylanders Supercharger, to be released on 25 September 2015 on the major consoles, will include a special Bluetooth-enabled controller, real life figurines and the ‘toy-to-life’ portal that allows the figurines to appear in game. Players can also stream their progress across all Apple devices with their Game Centre account.

Activision’s endorsement of the Apple TV as a home gaming console solidifies the mobile and computer giant’s attempt to break into the console world. Rumours have recently suggested that Apple desire their latest Apple TV to be able to hold its own as a gaming device.

With the support of the heavyweight developer behind Call of Duty series, the latest Apple TV is making a solid step to finding a place for itself amongst the leaders of the console market.

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