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The new PS5 model may actually cool better than standard model

PlayStation 5 console

Following an initial analysis of the hardware, more in-depth testing has revealed that the new PS5 models found on sale in Australia may actually be cooler than Sony’s standard models.

Last month, a YouTuber performed several tests on the new PS5 model to see what the differences between it and the launch model were. They found that there was a new wi-fi antenna as well as a smaller heat sink, which was thought to make the device more efficient at dealing with removing heat from the system.

Now, YouTubers Hardware Busters has shared some more positive results from its testing of the device. The YouTubers found that despite the exhaust of the new models running slightly hotter, the CPUs ran cooler by comparison.

The exact numbers see the new PS5 models’ CPUs running at 40.08 degrees Celsius compared to the 51.15 degrees Celsius that launch models run at. Interestingly, the memory on the new models runs hotter at 48.2 degrees Celcius compared to 40.88 degrees Celsius.

The YouTubers were keen to point out that they only tested a single new PS5 model, so the results could vary wildly between models. In fact, most could have cooler running memory, it’s just not known right now due to the scarcity of the console in general.

They commented that the fan situation is the same, it’s the heat sink that’s the key difference. While the heat sink is much smaller, saving the console 300g in weight, it’s obviously far more effective at removing heat from the console.

It’s also important to note that the temperature of the memory isn’t what’s important. If the CPU is cooler, the console will be performing better. The fact that the new consoles emit more heat from their exhausts most likely means that more of the console’s heat is being removed.

This new semi-customized model also contains a screw for connecting the PS5 to its stand. This ensures the console won’t fall over, and in general seems to be an all-around improvement, albeit in only a couple of small ways.

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