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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope revealed

Bandai Namco has revealed the latest game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope. The game was revealed alongside a trailer, which gives a brief overview of what is in store for players when they enter the strange world of the town known as Little Hope.

Little Hope will be the second game in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Developers Supermassive Games began experimenting with choice-driven horror games when they made Until Dawn, a standalone game with a number of different endings.

The first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology was Man of Medan. The game followed the same choice-driven formula as Until Dawn, but offers unique gameplay mechanics on top of this system. Players around the world could influence each other’s stories, either helping or hindering one another unknowingly.

Little Hope continues The Dark Pictures Anthology. The game is set in a town that saw an outbreak in witch-hunting from self-proclaimed hunters. Players will experience terrifying visions of the past as they try to escape the town the group of characters have ended up in.

Gameplay in Little Hope will probably be the same as it is in Man of Medan. Players will be able to control characters as they move around locations, with each chapter swapping between the cast of characters in the game.

When it comes to interactions, controls will be similar to those of Heavy Rain, with players using the controller in unique ways that resemble real-life actions, for example, spinning the controller to turn a wheel.

In each of Supermassive Games’ horror titles, QTEs have played a big part. Players are faced with a series of decisions that lead to a specific outcome. Sometimes these decisions can go wrong, and characters will die for the rest of that playthrough. Death is not the end of the game though, since the player can continue on to the end of the story with whatever characters remain.

Horror game fans very much enjoyed Until Dawn, but Man of Medan wasn’t as well received. Hopefully for Supermassive Games’ sake, they’ve gone back to the drawing board and have made changes in line with what fans desire in Little Hope.

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