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Switch OLED UK launch was bigger than Switch Lite’s

Nintendo Switch OLED console - White and Red Neon - Reveal

According to data from GfK Entertainment, the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model was much bigger than that of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Last week, the launch week for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, was the fourteenth-biggest for the Switch consoles since the base model launched in 2017. Each of the thirteen weeks that are ahead of this are all around the Christmas period, Black Friday period, or the launch of the Switch in 2017. This is pretty impressive considering many people consider the OLED Model an unnecessary upgrade.

To put things into perspective, the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite ranks as the 57th best week for Switch sales in the UK. However, that’s not to say that it hasn’t been a success. Instead, the Switch Lite is more of a slow burn for Nintendo, making up 20 percent of total Switch sales every year since it launched.

Last week, the Switch OLED Model made up 70 percent of all Switch consoles sold for the week. After that week, this model already makes up 7 percent of all Switch consoles sold in 2021.

The biggest sales weeks for the Nintendo Switch are Black Friday 2019, Black Friday 2018, and then Black Friday 2020. Clearly, this is the holiday that consumers wait for when considering a new Switch purchase.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model launched alongside Metroid Dread, which is the best-selling Metroid game in UK history. The game is also the fifth best-selling Switch exclusive for the year, which is great considering that it’s a 2D Metroid game instead of a 3D one in the Metroid Prime series.

There are still some consumers who are holding out for a Nintendo Switch Pro console, something Nintendo continues to deny even exists. Overall, reviews for the Switch OLED Model seem to be good, praising the upgrades like the new screen and speakers, but adding that general quality of life improvements make it a better console for anyone looking to buy a Switch now.

Time will tell how well the unit continues to sell, but for roughly £50 more than a standard model, many consumers will likely choose to pay for the better model rather than opt for the older one with older technology.

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