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Street Fighter V Rewards Skilled Players with Free DLC

Street Fighter V - 1280 x 720

In a stark contrast to the season pass and on-disc variety of DLCs, Capcom have decided to reward players with an opportunity to earn Street Fighter V’s DLC in game for free.

Rather than spending cash in an online store to download and access the extra content, players of the game will be able to earn Fight Money which can then be spent on the game’s downloadable content. The game will also feature a purchasable currency called Zenny. This can be paid for with real life currency, and can be used to buy all the same things that Fight Money can unlock.

Speaking on Playstation’s Blog, Capcom community manager Peter Rosas said that “Street Fighter V will be the first iteration in the franchise where it is possible for dedicated players to earn all gameplay related content (such as characters) for free, simply by playing the game.”

“Street Fighter V will launch with a core roster of 16 playable characters, with 4 of them being brand new fighters to the Street Fighter universe. Post-launch, we will be adding new characters to the roster on a continuous basis, which will provide new content for players to enjoy. Again, every post-launch character released will be earnable for free through gameplay!”

“This will also create more long-term engagement, because the more you play the game, the more you are rewarded and can earn new content. The player base is never shrunk by requiring a paid update like in years past,” Rosas said.

Capcom’s DLC strategy is certainly an admirable decision. The chance for players to earn DLC for themselves adds length to the game’s replayability, as well as bringing in an added element of creating a sense of player achievement.

Street Fighter V, the latest in the acclaimed beat-‘em-up series, is set for release in March 2016 on PS4 and PC platforms.

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