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Sony reschedules their PlayStation 5 event


Sony was due to hold a PlayStation 5 reveal event last week on June 4, 2020. However, so as not to distract from the important messages and media being shared around the Black Lives Matter movement, Sony postponed the event indefinitely.

Now Sony has confirmed that they will be holding their PlayStation 5 reveal event on the 11th of June, later this week. The event was highly-anticipated last week, but nobody questioned the validity of Sony’s reasoning for the delay, and expressed support for the move.

While there have been many rumors regarding what Sony will reveal at the PlayStation 5 event, no concrete information about it has been released just yet.

Chief among the rumors are those surrounding a Bloodborne remaster. A couple of gaming personalities put out a call for legitimate information about a Bloodborne remaster, and two came back to confirm that not only will Sony reveal the remaster at their PlayStation 5 event, the game will be for PlayStation 5 and PC. However, these sources are credible by the gaming personality’s standards only, so how valid they are is up for debate.

A Bloodborne remaster would be a key move for Sony. The FromSoftware game has a huge fan base already on PlayStation 4, but many would love to replay it on Sony’s next-generation console. A lot of PC gamers also love the developers other series, Dark Souls, and would jump at the chance to play Bloodborne on PC. If anything, it wouldn’t make sense for Sony not to bring the game to PC at the very least.

Another game that is rumored to be announced during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event is Resident Evil 8. Rumors about the game have been circulating for months now, but nothing about a reveal has been said until now.

It’s thought that Resident Evil 8 will take place in a European Town, in a mountainous area. Rumours suggest that the game will star the protagonist of Resident Evil 7, and introduce a number of new enemies and concepts that the series hasn’t explored in much detail before. These would lean more heavily on psychological horror rather than zombies and moulded enemies, and would be a big departure from the franchise’s norms.

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