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Robot Teddy Acquired by Thunderful

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Thunderful Group has announced that it’s acquired Robot Teddy, a games consultancy firm. This acquisition is part of the company’s overall plans to create a new funding arm within the group.

This new funding pillar will be called Thunderful Investment and joins the other two key pillars of the group: game development and game publishing. Robot Teddy will lead Thunderful Investment in investing in upcoming games and developers.

This acquisition is comprised of £7 million in cash, with an extra £3 million in shares to reinvest in Thunderful. This makes the total value of the deal £10 million, with an additional pay out of £12 million available to Robot Teddy by December 30, 2025, should it meet certain milestones in accordance with the terms of the acquisition.

Robot Teddy is going to continue to offer consultancy services to independent companies, such as InnerSloth, Boneloaf, and Superhot, and continue to focus on prototyping and VR funding.

Thunderful is extremely happy to be working with Robot Teddy with this new arm. The company has seen Robot Teddy prove itself time and time again through its expertise in the field, demonstrating that it’s exactly the type of partner that it wants to have on this funding journey. Robot Teddy is equally happy about the opportunity, adding that it will be able to help forge a path for self-publishing within the Thunderful Group moving forward.

Thunderful has been acquiring several companies over the past year or so. This has all been an effort to bring publishing expertise in-house, gather developers under the Thunderful umbrella, and now have a funding partner that can help get new games off the ground.

With this latest acquisition, Thunderful has become a one-stop shop for all game development needs. Funding can be easily acquired if the game appeals to the right people, then development can take place and has an opportunity to benefit from Thundreful’s expertise. Finally, there’s a suite of publishing resources available through the company, all of which will help any game that the company sees potential in make the most of its launch and post-launch support period.

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