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Robot Teddy

Company Type:
Founded: 2019
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
Thunderful Group
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Thunderful Group

Type: Developer, Distributor, Publisher

Country: Sweden

Country: United Kingdom
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Robot Teddy is a boutique video games consulting agency based in the United Kingdom. It provides consultancy, guidance on self-publishing, and financing and investment advice. The company was founded in 2019. In 2021, Robot Teddy was acquired by Thunderful Group for £10 million.

Robot Teddy Ltd.

102 Bromstone Road,
Broadstairs, CT10 2HX,
United Kingdom


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Key People

  • Callum Underwood
    Callum Underwood, Founder & Director
  • Ranjani Natarajan
    Ranjani Natarajan, COO

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