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PlayStation stops all Facebook advertising

PlayStation Background

PlayStation is one of the latest major companies to put a stop to their advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

This is a move that sees the company join the #StopHateForProfit campaign. Facebook has seen a lot of negative attention in the media and news for allowing misinformation and hateful content to be shared on its platform, all of which is in accordance with the rules it makes users adhere to.

Conversely, both Twitter and Twitch have begun to crack down harder on hate speech being shared on their platforms. One example is a Donald Trump livestream channel on Twitch that was recently suspended for hate speech.

In a statement, PlayStation explained that they have ended their Facebook and Instagram advertising as a direct response to the #StopHateForProfit movement. This will remain in force until the end of July. The company added that they believe that all of their fans play together, and work together, for good.

Microsoft is reported to be following PlayStation and ending their Facebook and Instagram advertising for the month as well. However, things are a lot more awkward for Microsoft, since the company has just signed a deal to see their own streaming platform, Mixer, close in order to promote and work with Facebook Gaming.

Facebook has come under continuous criticism for allowing users to express hateful views freely. While some believe that it is a necessary evil in order to maintain free speech, that view is quickly becoming outdated.

The Black Lives Matter movement has shown how ingrained hate can be in our society, permeating every sector, including gaming. PlayStation making the move to support the #StopProfitForHate movement is a symbol that should rally all PlayStation fans under one banner.

Gamers rely on the companies that they trust to show them which course of action to follow. PlayStation has always been strict on protecting users from hateful or harmful content within their ecosystem. While Microsoft is caught in the middle with their deal with Facebook, they’re still an autonomous company that needs to show their fans what they stand for. With a new console launching later this year, something as simple as not supporting this movement could cost them a huge number of sales.

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