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Nintendo NX Predicted to Sell 12M Units in 2016

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Nintendo’s upcoming console is expected to sell between 10 and 12 million units in its first year of release.

Suppliers of the electronic components of the console, primarily Foxconn Electronics, reported to Digitimes their estimates for the sales figures of Nintendo’s latest upcoming console.

Interestingly, there is a distinct difference between the estimates of the component producers and Nintendo themselves. Reports have said that Nintendo expect the NX to sell upwards of 20 million units, which is a considerably more than Foxconn’s forecast.

Comparatively, Digitimes Research expects Xbox One consoles to sell 13 million units and PS4 to sell 18 million in 2016. This casts a certain amount of doubts over Nintendo’s 20 million forecast. Considering the fact that Playstation has been selling considerably more consoles than Nintendo in recent years, with PS4 selling triple the amount of Wii U units sold, it is unlikely that the NX will outstrip the PS4’s impressive sales lead.

Wii U’s total sales figures total at roughly 10.7 million units since its 2012 release. If Nintendo’s expectations are true, they must have something highly impressive hidden up their sleeves for the NX to double that figure within a year.

Having supposedly reached developers in October 2015, the NX is only a short time away from being fully revealed. It is slated for a release in the second quarter of 2016.

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