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Naughty Dog condemns The Last of Us Part 2 abusive fans

The Last of Us Part 2

Ever since The Last of Us Part 2 launched there has been an element of the gaming community who have been saying nothing but hateful things about it. Now however, those people have gone too far for Naughty Dog to ignore them.

Many press outlets awarded the game high review scores, and many people have praised the game for its story and extremely enjoyable gameplay. However, the hateful messages being directed at the game, for a number of reasons, have now shifted to be more directed at the game’s Creative Director, Neil Druckmann, and voice actor Laura Bailey, who voices Abby in the game.

Some of the abuse that has been directed at the pair includes death threats, antisemitism, transphobia, and misogyny.

On Twitter, Neil Druckmann said that he hoped these people got the help they so clearly need with their mental health. He added that some level of hateful feedback is just part of making any mainstream entertainment, but Laura Bailey shouldn’t have to put up with any of it.

Bailey actually described the abuse as a little overwhelming. The character she voices, Abby, is well-built and muscular, though her body is based on that of CrossFit Athlete Colleen Fotsch. Many people aren’t aware of this, or simply don’t care, and are making bold claims that no woman can look like Abby, and Fotsch, do.

Druckmann went back to Twitter to condemn the abuse being sent to Bailey. He explained how critical discussion is welcomed, but harassment and threats towards any team member will not be tolerated. He went on to mention how the safety of all those that Naughty Dog works with is paramount. He ended by saying that the gaming community needs to work together to rid itself of the behavior that has come out of the woodwork here.

The story of The Last Of Us Part 2 leaked before the game released, and the death of a key character is still a sticking point for many fans. It’s partly this leak, as well as Abby as a character, that has some people up in arms about Naughty Dog’s latest game.

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