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Mass Migration to Xbox One This Christmas?

Xbox One

Microsoft are forecasting a very Merry Christmas for Xbox this year, as they predict that they will rule the sales figures as a result of a large scale migration to the Xbox One console.

Currently, the sales of Xbox One consoles have flagged behind those of the PS4, which has consistently outsold Microsoft’s console, but a number of upcoming Xbox games and features lead Microsoft to expect a significant shift towards their camp.

A major aspect of this prediction is the inclusion of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. It was recently announced that Microsoft wanted to offer customers the most amount of games possible, and that many Xbox 360 games would soon be available on the current-gen console.

The Xbox One will be backwardly compatible with hundreds of 360 games. If you already own the 360 game and still have the disc, all you have to do is insert it into the Xbox One console and download the game for free.

Speaking to Gamespot, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg suggested that classic heavyweight titles such as Halo and Gears of War coming to Xbox One would also cause a significant boost in current-gen sales figures. He also said that Microsoft is “expecting millions of Xbox 360 owners to migrate and move to Xbox One.”

For Microsoft to beat the PS4’s current impressive dominance of the market, it is clear that they will need to pull off something big. The big league titles coming to Xbox at the end of the year, such as Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Halo 5, have a good shot of doing this, as do the upgrades to the new models of the console, which include a 1TB hard drive and modified controller.

So if you’ve yet to make the jump to the current-gen, this Christmas might be the time to make the jump and purchase the console of your choice. For wholesalers and retailer traders there is a good opportunity to stock and sell Xbox One around Christmas season.


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