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Grand Theft Auto 5 and Online come to PlayStation 5 in 2021


During yesterday’s PlayStation 5 game showcase, it was confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5, and Grand Theft Auto Online will be coming to the next-generation console in 2021.

The game will be launching within the second half of 2021. In addition, developer Rockstar Games has revealed that the online element of the game, Grand Theft Auto Online, will be released for PlayStation 5 as a separate standalone game as well.

Initially, Grand Theft Auto Online will be free for everyone on PlayStation 5. After three months however, the game will only be free for those with a PlayStation Plus membership. This membership will almost certainly be required in order to play the game too.

Both games will take advantage of the added power that the PlayStation 5 brings to the table. The games are being touted as expanded and upgraded. Considering that both games first launched for PlayStation 3, it’s impressive that they’re still relevant this long after release.

Rockstar Games has also revealed that there will be some content that is going to be exclusive to next-generation consoles and PC. However, they haven’t outlined exactly what this content will be just yet.

All owners of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PlayStation 4 will be getting $1,000,000 GTA money, worth $20 in real USD, for use in Grand Theft Auto Online every month. All they need to do is log in and claim it, and they’ll be getting a very easy ride in the game until the next-gen version launches.

Sony also announced a digital only version of the PlayStation 5 during their reveal event. This console has no optical drive for reading discs, and will be the updated equivalent of Microsoft’s Xbox One All-Digital Edition.

Those who mainly play Grand Theft Auto Online on their PlayStation 4 are likely to opt for the digital only PlayStation 5 console, since it will almost certainly be cheaper. The game has proven to be incredibly popular since it launched in 2013. With no sign of in-game spending, or support, stopping anytime soon now seems like as good a time as any to get into Grand Theft Auto Online.

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